CMHA Waterloo Wellington

CMHA Waterloo Wellington

The pandemic has shifted the baseline of mental health and addictions needs across our community. We have seen a sharp increase in the number of people reaching out for help – many of whom have never needed help from the formal mental health system before. This is a critical time in history...we are standing on common ground - where everyone knows someone who has been impacted by mental health and no one is untouched. Your participation in the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women means quicker access to critical mental health resources for our daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, friends, and coworkers, so that that they can get the help they need now.

When you participate in the Run for Women – Waterloo you are telling the women in your life and community they are not alone, recovery is possible and we’re in this together.

Studies have shown that women are three times more likely than men to suffer from depression, and one in four women will experience some form of depression in their lifetime. This need is being addressed by CMHA Waterloo Wellington so that the women in our region are better supported. 


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Women are in Crisis

According to a recent report by Carleton University Sprott School of Business, women have experienced much higher mental health-related challenges as a result of the pandemic.  Having to balance work and family resulted in moderate-to-high levels of stress, with 24.3% of women experiencing moderate to severe anxiety. Locally more than half of the calls we receive for Crisis Services through Here 24/7 and IMPACT (Integrated Mobile Police and Crisis Team) are coming from women. Women are reaching out for support with issues like anxiety and depression, suicidal ideation, and relationship conflict. By supporting CMHA WW through the Shopper’s Run for Women, you are supporting women get the help they need.




Increase in Eating Disorders

Referrals for Eating Disorders programs at the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington have tripled since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and is now being identified in younger children. Between 4% and 20% of young women practice unhealthy patterns of dieting, purging, and Binge Eating. According to NIED, 1 in 20 young women in the community currently has an eating disorder. Unfortunately, with a mental illness such as an eating disorder; the situation can get worse for people if they need to wait a long time for support. Eating Disorders have the highest overall mortality rate of any mental illness, with estimates between 10-15%. By donating to CMHA WW through the Shopper’s Run for women you are helping women experiencing an eating disorder receive the support they desperately need quickly.



Growing Waitlist for Early Psychosis support

Referrals for Eating Disorders programs at the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington have tripled since the start of the COVID-19 womenThe Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington takes a team-based approach to care for early psychosis and through this we see incredible success every day.  Psychosis can happen to anyone, 1 in 100 people may require treatment for it in their lifetime and youth are particularly at risk. Women entering the 1st Step program may be experiencing social phobia, bipolar disorder, and generalized anxiety. The key to a successful recovery is early diagnosis and getting help fast. By supporting CMHA WW through the Shopper’s Run for Women you can help address the growing waitlist for early psychosis support, enabling us to provide lifechanging service quickly to women who need it most.




Mental health champion and Shopper’s Run for Women team captain Ellie Hook is an example of leveraging the support of others to foster a positive, healthier mindset during these difficult times. Team Darcy was created by Ellie in honour of her best friend’s daughter who lost her battle with mental health struggles. The Team has raised over $15,000 for CMHA WW through the Run for Women.

*Warning – this is a story of suicide, and some may find this triggering*

Be an Ellie! Create a team and/or donate today! Run for Women – Waterloo, ON

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