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The SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women is a fun and inspirational experience. But it can be much more than that. If we have the courage to invite others to share in our Run for Women journey, we can make a difference.

run for women our story

Once you have registered You’ll receive simple and creative tips that will help you take that important first step to help others: requesting much-needed donations. Sending that first email can feel daunting, but getting your first donation in support of a cause you care about will feel great!

run for women our story

Mental health is often not discussed. So regardless of how much money you raise, your emails to friends and family can help them realize that thousands are openly celebrating how we can make a difference. We think you’ll be surprised by the response you’ll get. Every Canadian knows someone who is suffering. By fundraising, you are giving the people you care about the opportunity to take a step towards changing a life in your community.

Here’s how easy it could be to raise $500:

Step 1 >  Support yourself with a $50 donation
Step 2 >  Ask four family members to support you at $25 each ($100)
Step 3 >  Ask your employer for a company contribution ($50)
Step 4 >  Ask five co-workers for a donation of $20 ($100)
Step 5 >  Ask for support on social media ($100)
Step 6 >  Send an email to everyone in your address book ($100)

Thank you for participating in the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women. 

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