Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, we want men & boys to participate to support their mothers, friends, sisters and wives. The Run for Women is for everyone!
Yes. You can transfer your registration to someone else. Transfers must be requested by e-mail no later than two weeks prior to race day. To transfer your registration, please send an email with your registration information.
You may request a race distance transfer.  If you want your name printed on your bib you must request the transfer by e-mail NO LATER THAN two weeks prior to race day.  If you request a transfer at race kit pickup or on race day your name will not be printed on your new bib.
Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire race route.
There are no prizes awarded.  Each participant, including men, will receive a finishers bracelet.
All finishers in the 5K & 10K races will be awarded a finishers bracelet. All children in the Little Steps 1K will receive a finishers medal.
To begin fundraising you need to be registered for the race. If you haven't registered, start by clicking here. If you have already registered, follow these step by step instructions and click the button below to start!
To donate to an Particiapnt follow these instructions: How to Pledge an Participant.
To donate directly, follow these steps: How to Donate.

Virtual Event

A virtual walk/run can be completed from any location you choose. You get to walk/run your own route, at your own pace, and you can choose to time your walk/run yourself or use an app. Doing the virtual Run for Women is a great way to support women’s mental health programs in your community while still practicing social/physical distancing.
COVID-19 has put restrictions on public gatherings in 2020 and we are unable to be together in person for the Run for Women this year. Together we can still make a difference in the lives of women across the country. We can't gather together live, but you can tune into our Run for Women Day Broadcast on September 27 to experience how others across the country are celebrating that together we are UNSTOPPABLE.

Remember, it is important to continue to support our local charities and help raise awareness and funds for women's mental health which is becoming more and more important in these unprecedented times.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!
The Official Run for Women Event Day is September 27 but you can complete your run anytime between September 17 and 27.
Wherever you want! The best thing about participating in a virtual walk/run is you can start it right outside your front door. Follow normal street lights and traffic regulations like any typical training run you do.
Yes! We encourage everyone to participate in the way that works best for them, whether that be outdoors or within your own home. Do what you feel comfortable doing. The most important thing is that you participate to support women's mental health programs in your community.
Yes! Because of the circumstances this year, all Run for Women events are now virtual. 50% of your registration will be directed to your local charity (previously this was $10), and you will get $10 off your 2021 registration if you choose to join us again next year.  Please ensure you adhere to the virtual event guidelines, and stay up to date by following us on Instagram and Facebook.
Yes! Details for the live steam event on September 27 will be coming soon! Follow @RunForWomen to stay up to date on who's broadcasting live.
$40 (the entire registration fee) will be directed to your local charity.
Yes, you can! Click the “DONATE” button on the top right corner of our website. Then click the “give directly to the charity” link and choose the charity you would like to support.  A tax receipt will be issued immediately.
We are not issuing tax receipts as participants are receiving an UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirt, Foxy Originals Bracelet, and our legendary Swag Bag worth over $100!

A tax receipt will be provided however for all donations and pledges.
Yes! This year we have some great fundraising rewards for those who raise $250 or more. Check out the rewards here.
There is no minimum age. We encourage anyone under the age of 13 to walk/run with an adult living in the same household. The safety of every participant is our highest priority and we encourage everyone to put safety first when planning for event day.

Please note: We have removed the Little Steps event. Those Little Steps who have already registered can complete their event and receive their medal.
Yes! Teams will still be available and ENCOURAGED! We need our support networks to achieve what is possible and teams have the added benefit of providing support to each other and encouraging each other to participate and fundraise!

You can still register under your team name and keep in contact with your team members on event day. We encourage you to stay connected before and after your walk/run by setting up pre- and post-event video chats, sharing your photos with each other, and setting up some friendly competition or team goals.
With your registration, you will receive an UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirt, Foxy Originals Bracelet, and our Legendary Swag Bag worth over $100, and a virtual bib.
You don't need a bib number to participate. You will receive a virtual bib to download and print; however, you will record your results through a personalized link and will not be asked to enter your bib number.
Here are some tips to help you stay safe on event day!

(1) Avoid high traffic routes.
(2) Walk/run close to home in your neighborhood during a quieter time of day.
(3) Adhere to your local social distancing practices while you are out walking/running.
(4) Try to avoid running at night or in the early morning when it is dark.
(5) Wear appropriate clothing.
(6) Be visible and dress for the weather.
(7) Bring water and/or nutrition if you’re planning a longer route. There are no water stations along the way in a virtual race.
(8) Carry a cell phone with you during your virtual race and tell someone the route you’re running in case of an emergency.
(9) Plan out your route in advance and try as best you can to stick to it.
You’re welcome to take breaks, as long as you continue to track your run and complete the distance you've registered for. You can split up the distance into more than one day, as long as you walk/run the complete distance between September 17 and 27.
Please share your experience with our community online by tagging us on Instagram @runforwomen and on Facebook @RunforWomenSeries. You can also use the hashtags #runforwomen #shoppersloveyou
As a part of your registration fee you will receive your Foxy Originals Bracelet, UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirt, and Swag Bag regardless of whether or not you upload your results.
No there are not. All participants receive an UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirt, Foxy Originals Bracelet, and our legendary Swag Bag worth over $100!
We are excited to get the swag into your hands! Our goal is to send out all UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirts, Foxy Originals Bracelets and Swag Bags starting in early September. As regulations are constantly changing, we cannot guarantee the date you will receive your race kit. We will do our best to keep you updated on the timing of the deliveries.

As long as you select the “home delivery option”, you will receive your package in the mail to the address you provide on your registration form. This option will charge you a $10.60 shipping fee.

Participants will also be able to pick up their kits at select Running Room locations across Canada at no cost.
If you do not receive your race package before event day, we will provide a tracking number. As circumstances are constantly evolving, we cannot guarantee the exact date you will receive your kit.
Everyone, everywhere is welcome to participate. No matter where you are located, be sure to cheer on your community of runners using #RunForWomen
If you do not wish to participate in the 2020 virtual event, we can offer you a deferral to 2021. However, by choosing this option 50% of your registration fee will not be donated to the charity and you will not receive an UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirt, Foxy Originals Bracelet or Swag Bag. To request a deferral, please email

Team Questions

The team captain must first register and create the team. The team captain will choose a team name and password. The captain can then send the team name, password and link to members.
Each team member must register and pay separately (fees are listed per person)
Captains can view the number and list of team members from their personal Athlete’s Dashboard
Visit Registration Information for more.
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