Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

You can sign up online by clicking Here. Registration closes 5 days before each event.

Yes! We want men and boys to participate and support their mothers, friends, sisters, daughters and wives. The Run for Women is for everyone!

Yes, you can transfer your registration to someone else. Transfers must be requested by e-mail no later than 30 days before the event. To transfer your registration, please send an email to [email protected] with your registration information.

Unfortunately, due to the specificities of both registration types, we are not able to transfer you from Virtual registration to In-Person registration.

Yes, you can request a race distance transfer by email before Race Kit Pickup begins. To request a distance transfer please send an email to [email protected] with your registration information.

Participants can also transfer their distance in-person at Race Kit Pickup.

Yes, the Run for Women is an all-ages event! 

For children under 12 we have the 1K Little Steps event. All 1K Little Steps participants receive a youth-size Technical T-Shirt and 1K Finisher Medal. Only the child participating in the 1K event will need to be registered - parents or adults accompanying a child in the 1K event do not need to register themselves.

For 5K and 10K events, we ask that children under the age of 13 be accompanied by an adult living in the same household, as the safety of every participant is our highest priority, and we encourage everyone to put safety first when planning for the event.

For the safety of all participants, strollers are not permitted in the 10K Run. However, strollers are permitted at the back of the 5K Walk/Run.*

*Double-wide strollers and wagons are not permitted on the course.

Dogs, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted in any of the events.

While the use of earphones/headphones is permitted on the course, they are not recommended.

All participants will receive a Technical T-Shirt, a Bracelet, and our legendary Swag Bag. We do not provide medals or awards for top finishers.

Tax receipts are not issued for registration fees as CRA rules don't allow for receipts when participants receive a Technical T-Shirt, Bracelet, and our legendary Swag Bag.

Yes, there are! We will be seeking volunteers to help at the event and at Race Kit Pickup in our Running Room Stores. To register as a volunteer, visit your city page and click the 'Volunteer' button.

Yes. Registration for in-person will be available on event day:

  • 1K Little Steps: $35 (tax included)
  • 5K Walk/Run: $75 (tax included)
  • 10K Run: $75 (tax included)

Participation Virtuelle

A virtual walk/run can be completed from anywhere, anytime before or on the in-person event day. You can walk/run your own route at your own pace. Do what you feel comfortable doing. The most important thing is that you are participating to support women’s mental health programs in your community while being active.

The deadline to complete your walk/run and submit your virtual results is the day that the in-person event takes place in your city.

Yes! Teams are available and ENCOURAGED! We need our support networks to achieve what is possible and teams have the added benefit of supporting each other while encouraging participation and fundraising!

You can register under your team’s name and keep in contact with your team members on event day. We encourage you to stay connected before and after your walk/run by organizing pre and post-event video chats, sharing photos with each other, and setting up some friendly competition or team goals.

With your Virtual registration, you will receive a Technical T-Shirt, a Bracelet, a Race Bib, and our Legendary Swag Bag. 

Home Delivery of these items is included with your Virtual registration.

Virtual participation: No, you are not required to wear your bib (which will be delivered to you with your Race Kit). However, we encourage you to wear your bib if you're taking pictures and posting on social media! 

In-person participation: Yes. A bib number will be assigned to you at Race Kit Pickup. Your timing chip will be on the back of the bib and you are required to wear your bib during the race.

​Here are some tips to help you stay safe on event day:

  • Avoid high traffic routes.

  • ​Walk/run close to home in your neighborhood during a quieter time of day.

  • Try to avoid running at night or in the early morning when it is dark.

  • Wear appropriate clothing.

  • Be visible and dress for the weather.

  • Bring water and/or nutrition if you’re planning a longer route. There are no water stations along the way in a virtual race.

  • Carry a cell phone with you during your virtual race and tell someone the route you’re running in case of an emergency.

  • Plan out your route in advance and try as best you can to stick to it.

As long as you fully track your Virtual walk/run and complete the distance you've registered for before the submission deadline, you are welcome to take breaks or split up your distance over more than one day.

You can share your photos, accomplishments, pre-event training and support for the event with our community online by tagging us on social:

Instagram, Twitter & TikTok: @runforwomen
Facebook: @Run_for_Women_Series


No. As a part of your registration fee, regardless of whether or not you submit your results, you will receive your Technical T-Shirt, Bracelet, Race Bib and Swag Bag.

Everyone everywhere is welcome to do their walk/run and tag us on social media to show support. However, please note that Race Kits cannot be shipped outside of Canada.

To track your time, use any of your favorite timing apps. A few days before the event you will receive an email with your personalized timing link which will allow you to submit your walk/run results.

Team Questions

The team captain must first register and create the team. Once the captain has finalized their registration, they can provide the team’s name, password and link to those that would like to join the team.

Each team member must sign up and pay a registration fee (registration fees are listed per person). 

To join an existing team, please visit your cities page on our website, click the 'Join a Team' button, and move forward with the remaining registration prompts.

Only captains can view the team roster when they log into their Participant Centre. To log into your Participant Centre, click Here.

Only the team captain can bring back a team. If you are the team captain and would like to bring back your team, please follow these steps:

  1. Select your event city.

  2. Click the ‘Create a Team’ button.

  3. Sign into your account (click 'sign in' listed under "Returning users, log in first").

  4. Input the team’s name and click the search button.

  5. Select your team from the search results.

  6. Follow through with the remaining registration prompts to finalize your registration as team captain.

If you would like to bring back a team but there is a new team captain this year, please email [email protected] with your team registration information.

Collecte de fonds

To begin fundraising you need to be registered for the event. If you haven't registered yet, start by clicking Here.

If you have already registered, sign into your account and set up your Participant Centre. Your account login details are listed on your confirmation email. 

Once your Participant Centre is set up, you will be able to send emails to friends and family asking them to support your fundraising efforts.

If you can’t remember your username or password, please email [email protected] with your registration information.

Yes! This year we have some great fundraising rewards for those who raise $250 or more. Check out the rewards Here.

To donate to a charity, locate the ‘DONATE’ button on the top right corner of our website and select the drop down option 'MAKE A GENERAL DONATION'. You can also click the hyperlink "give directly to the charity" from the DONATE page.

To donate to a participant's fundraising goal, simply click the 'DONATE' button on the top right corner of our website and then search for the participant by first and last name. Once your donation is finalized, a tax receipt will be immediately issued via email.

Ramassage des trousses de course et livraison à domicile

In-person participation: If you sign up to join us in-person, you will be able to pick up your Race Kit (event shirt and bib) in-store at the local Running Room store you select during signup. Swag Bags will be handed out in-person at the event, on event day.

Virtual participation: Home Delivery* is included in the Virtual 5K/10K registration fee, so your Race Kit and Swag Bag will be delivered directly to your address.**

*We do not ship outside of Canada.
**A complete mailing address is required at the time of registration. Incomplete or incorrect information may result in lost packages or delayed deliveries.

Timing - CLICK HERE to see the list of Running Room stores offering In-Store Pickup.

If you would like to pick up a Race Kit for a friend, or multiple people, please be sure to have a copy of each person’s confirmation email with you at Race Kit Pickup. Swag Bags will be handed out at the event, on event day.

You will receive your Race Kit in time for the event, however, if you sign up within 2 weeks of race day you might not receive your Race Kit in time for the event.**

*We do not ship outside of Canada.
**If you provide an incomplete or incorrect address at the time of registration, this may result in a delayed delivery or lost package.

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