Mental health. The only way there is together.

The Shoppers Drug Mart® Run for Women is a 5K and 10K walk/run in support of local women’s mental health programs in 18 cities across Canada.

Our mission

Women’s mental health is continuously impacted by changes in society. 71% of Canadian women in 2020 reported feeling more anxious, depressed, isolated, overworked, or ill because of increased unpaid care caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.1 Our purpose is to support these women by bringing communities together in support of local women’s mental health programs to make communities healthier.

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It’s not easy, but it’s easier together.

At the Run for Women, everyone is part of the team. We celebrate everyone’s differences, unique experiences, and ideas by coming together for a feel-good walk/run/roll in support of women’s mental health programs. The Run for Women is a safe space where we can share our journeys and celebrate how far we’ve come. We believe in the power of coming together for mental health.

How do we get there together?

Everyone has a personal goal. For many of us, it’s a state-of-mind which is calmer and less burdened. It’s different for each of us. Yet together we can make the journey a little easier, by showing our support for each other and for our communities. Building our mental health resources has never been more urgent, to get ourselves, our friends and family to a place of balance and comfort.

As nurturers and caregivers women feel responsible for everyone’s well-being, and at times we forget to prioritize ourselves. The help and support of friends and other women who understand can be the best way to help get us to a positive, healthier mindset.

The Shoppers Drug Mart® Run for Women is where we gather in our local communities and share the joy we feel when we are supported and encouraged. It’s an event that celebrates each of our journeys, as we all lace up for a walk, run or roll with friends and family.

1. Oxfam Canada June 2020.

National Sponsors

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