Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatoon

Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatoon

The Run for Women, brought to you by the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart program supports women's mental health programs at the Canadian Mental Health Association, Saskatoon. 

We’ve made great strides in recognizing and responding to the unique mental health needs of women. Issues like maternal mental health, work life balance, parenting, financial security and aging to name a few, have significant impacts on women’s mental health. And 1 in 5 women will experience a serious mental illness in their lifetime. At CMHA Saskatoon 70% of those we serve are women and we know that supporting and empowering women makes our entire community stronger. Whether we are providing support to get back to work, individual counselling, mental health education or helping navigate and access the mental system, CMHA Saskatoon gives women a place to come where we understand and support them to be their best.


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