CMHA Kelowna

CMHA Kelowna

The Women’s Wellness Programs at CMHA Kelowna is funded by proceeds raised by the The Run for Women, brought to you by the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart program. The programs support the mental health of hundreds of women each year by helping them learn and improve themselves both physically and mentally.

Through our Women’s Wellness Programs we come alongside courageous women who are struggling with their own mental health. Programs are designed to teach skills for wellness and build resilience that help women live their best lives.

The journey of recovery from mental health issues is built on hope, support, personal responsibility, self-advocacy and education.

Kyra, one of our Wellness Coaches sees hope
in action every day, she shares this story:

The other day I was sitting with one of our participants who told me that being part of the wellness programs has saved her life. She said she would not be here today without this centre and the support from the staff and participants.

I have watched her grow and become more comfortable with the changes in her surroundings and in the body she is in. Through her connection with her peer mentor she can speak about struggles and receive support and understanding she needs when she needs it.

When you run,
you are building deeper and richer
connections for women.


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To begin fundraising you will need to be a registered participant.

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