The Montreal General Hospital Foundation

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation has made mental health a top priority. Funds raised through the Run will support patient care and research, as well as much needed renovations to the facility.

Last year's Run raised $225,000 to support mental health services at the Montreal General Hospital!

This year, we would like to raise even more funds to support three key initiatives:

The goal of the new Centre for Precision Psychiatry is, over the long term, to be able to predict diagnoses, prognosis and how patients will respond to treatments for their mental illnesses. To achieve this, the team will collect clinical information such as symptoms experienced by patients, biological samples (blood, fluids, tissues, etc.) and images of the brains of patients who have given their consent. A first in Canada!

The Avatar Project will help patients who hear unwanted voices by associating an avatar (an animated digital image) to allow them to interact with them. During therapy sessions, the therapist’s voice will animate the avatar to guide the discussion, thereby reducing the severity of the hallucinations. A smartphone app will also be developed to make this type of therapy more easily accessible.

The patient spaces at Allan Memorial Institute are in dire need of an upgrade. Consultation rooms and spaces will be renovated to better serve patients and medical staff.


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