The Montreal General Hospital Foundation

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation has been committed to supporting mental health initiatives for many years now. We strongly believe that by supporting a woman suffering from a mental disorder, we are also supporting everyone around her.

Last year's Run raised $192,000 to support the Mental Health Mission of the McGill University Health Centre at the Montreal General Hospital!


This year, the Run will support two key initiatives:  

Group therapy research for sexual minorities at the McGill University Sexual Identity Centre (MUSIC) 

Since 1999, the McGill University Sexual Identity Centre (MUSIC) has been providing specialized mental health care for individuals, couples and families affected by issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. In response to the growing demand from people questioning their gender, MUSIC has developed group therapies to help patients explore, find and embrace the gender that will make them happiest. Group therapies not only enable MUSIC to serve more people, but also to create spaces where people facing similar challenges find a sense of belonging and break their isolation. MUSIC is undertaking clinical research to assess the acceptability and efficacy of its main group therapies. The funds raised will enable us to pursue new knowledge in a field where data is sorely needed. 

Yoga classes for the Mental Health Mission 

Yoga classes for patients are one of the complementary therapies offered by the MUHCs Mental Health Mission. They are offered to patients in The Transitional Day Program, as well as in the Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Addiction Psychiatry programs.   
Scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of yoga in the treatment of various mental disorders. Similarly to therapy, yoga can increase mindfulness and mind-body integration. 


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