Family Service Regina

Family Service Regina

The Run for Women, brought to you by the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart program supports Family Service Regina’s Art for the Heart program. The program promotes emotional well-being for women who are in need of healing due to trauma; it allows for therapeutic self-expression through creative arts and crafts.

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My entire life has undergone one giant transformation since I walked into Family Service Regina looking for a positive way to cope with my depression and anxiety. I made new friends and learned so many new creative skills in the Art for the Heart workshop and I have ran the 5K and 10K in the Run for Women, which was inconceivable just three short years ago. Turning to Family Service Regina, coming to the Art for the Heart group and running in the Run for Women have helped me become more positive, take back control of my life and realize that I am not alone.

Gina talks about being afraid to be vulnerable & fearing judgment



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