CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services

CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services

My Sisters’ Place: a place of safety, a community of support We are a community of women supporting each other through our experiences of trauma, mental illness, homelessness, addictions and poverty. We believe in our resilience.

My Sisters’ Place offers a reliable support system for women facing episodic or chronic hardship. Our services offer the flexibility to provide the right support through programs that meet daily and long term needs. Our programs help women achieve safety, stability, skills, confidence and recovery. Demonstrated impact in the lives of London (and area) women include:

  • Safety and Support

    • 100 - 150 Women access MSP daily

    • 1500 unique women a year

    • 22477 recorded visits in 2016

  • Health Improvment

    • 500 women accessed primary healthcare trough our onsiteNP Healthcare Clinic in 2016

  • Food and Nutrition

    • Over 20000 nutritious meals served in our kitchen in 2016



“Since my mom left this world, I have reflected on My Sisters’ Place and what this unique organization does in our community 365 days a year. It is extremely difficult to explain to someone all the intricacies and implications of being in a relationship with a loved one that lives with mental illness. From my perspective, My Sisters’ Place is profoundly capable of helping the women that walk through its doors. Until my mom started to go to MSP regularly I was rarely free of worry about my mom’s wellbeing. This trial gradually changed thanks to this special place.”

“J” My Sisters’ Place Participant
“It has become a safe place that in a difficult times I am comfortable asking for help without judgement and not made to feel bad about what I'm going through. The staff do what they can to help me. It is a place that gets me through my days that feel impossible.”

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“I still remember the first time I went to MSP. I was walking down the street from the methadone clinic and ran into a girl who I had been in jail with. We talked for a minute and she said you know what - I'm going to take you to My Sisters' Place…..When a very nice lady introduced herself and gave me a pamphlet at the door, that's when I realized it wasn't her sister. It was everyone's sister. I fell in love with the place. It wasn't like anywhere I had ever been. It was like one big happy family of Sisters…. There's no judgment. You're treated with respect no matter your past. This isn't the case everywhere a drug addict might go.”


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