Fundraise Now

1. Go to SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU Run for Women website -

2. Click 2017 Cities, and select your City

3. On the left side of your page click “Charity/Fundraising”

4. Once directed to the next page, click “Start Fundraising!”

5. When you arrive at the donation page, click “Raise Funds” on the right side of the menu.

6. Fill in the required information to set up your fundraising page, and include a personal message for your supporters to see.

7. If you are a Running Room member click “Login with my Running Room account”. If you are not a Running Room member, click on “Set up my new Fundraising Account”

8. Once you have signed in or created a fundraising account, click “I’m Ready to Fundraise!” at the bottom of your page

9. You will be re-directed to your Fundraising Profile page. On this page you can add a profile picture, edit your personal message, set your fundraising goal and send fundraising links to family and friends. Remember to save your changes and review your page by clicking “Preview your Fundraising Page”. 

10. To access your public fundraising page click "Back to Fundraising Dashbaord" and then select "Donations" to view live page. 

Should you ever need to return to your Fundraising Profile Page to make changes (increase goals, find your direct link, share to social media, or change your photo) you will need to login to your Running Room account and access your Fundraising Dashboard.