The Mental Health Program at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is comprised of a wide range of programs and services for Halton residents. With more than 120 staff and 20 psychiatrists, OTMH provides an extensive continuum of care extending across the hospital and into the communities of Oakville, Milton, and Halton Hills. Women experience a range of mental health issues similar to those that men may experience. However, there are some striking differences in the prevalence of specific disorders among women, in their mental health needs, and in how they experience illness and treatment. This includes exploring issues such as body image, motherhood, post-partum, parenting, sexual and physical abuse. Approximately 1600 women receive services from the OTMH mental services program annually. In addition, the hospital also annually cares for approximately 150 girls aged 17 and under in their child and adolescent program.

To fill the need for women living in Halton and struggling with mental health issues, OTMH offers specialized programs such as post-partum depression groups, mental health and addiction services provided to pre-natal and post-natal women within the maternal child program, trauma informed counseling and an eating disorders program. It also offers individual, group and family treatment, community outreach, emergency and crisis support, inpatient services, day programming, bridging support, and community education workshops.

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